"Nothing But Trouble"
by Laura Krier

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Thanks for dropping by to check out my album! I'd love it if you gave me your feedback on it - after you download it or get the CD of course!  This album is very special to me. Not only is it my first (and so far last...) but it's got one heck of a story, which you might want to read if you have a few minutes to kill. Thanks again for checking it all out!

lotsa love, Laura xxx

Get it here!

Get it here!


Listen to brief previews...

Fill Me Up
Don't Mess With My Vibe
Bad Reputation
You Got Me
Love Somebody
What Took You So Long
Nothing But Trouble
While You Were Gone
I Need To Know
One In A Thousand
If I Follow My Heart
Special Delivery
True Love
To Be So Close To You
Nikki's Theme

"The most original album I've heard in a long time"
"Superstar calibre"
"What a breath of fresh air after all the clones you hear in the charts!"
"Fantastic! I love this CD! She has an amazing sound, very versatile. I jam to the CD at work - makes the day go by faster!"
"Spellbinding from start to finish"
"Awesome CD - could listen to it ALL day!"
"This is one of my favorite CD's! I love the diversity of all the music on it and it really is an inspiring album."
"It will give you that extra boost to get through the day, its easy to relate to, and its very powerful and GREAT vocals!"
"That's no dumb blonde! This thing is really different."

For more information contact: info@meermusic.com

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