Apr 12, 2015

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April 2015 Power Quote

Ughhh! Why Do I Sound Like That?

If you have ever found yourself saying “I hate the sound of my voice,” understanding the science addressed in this video is the first step to recovery.


I know that you’re thinking, “Ok, I get it, but I still hate my voice.” Well, don’t believe everything you think because it’s just not true. A new study from Albright College finds that you do actually love your voice more than others! (Gotcha!) http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/09/130912112733.htm



Now that we have a little bit of our messed up psychology out of the way we can focus on bringing out the best in you and your voice. This month’s powerful quote says it all:



The best professional singers have a daily practice of certain physical and mental warm-up exercises (Meditation, Yoga, T’ai Chi, etc…) to help with relaxation and centering oneself, to help with breathing deeply and generating unforced energy for singing and speaking.

You already know how to do most of these things, but building this into your voice warm-ups will be a focus for this month!



We already know from the Albright College study that you do indeed “love” your voice, but what the World Voice Day Organization really means is looking after your voice. It’s so important. If you have ever experienced the powerless and hopeless situation of having lost your voice, (and for some, the very frightening situation) then you already understand this!

The first way to look after your voice is always remembering that your voice is an instrument of flesh and blood. Developing good all-round healthy habits is essential for maintaining consistent quality in your sound production, more so than for any other instrument.

  • A piano doesn’t get a cold and start coughing in the middle of a piece.
  • A guitar doesn’t go out of tune because it hasn’t been getting enough sleep.
  • A drum doesn’t go hoarse after playing too loudly.

The physical issues are easy to address and you will find the best tips for keeping your voice in good health here: http://laurakrier.com/power-quote-for-november-2013/. (If you are rehearsing this term for musical productions, be sure you read and re-read this blog post in order to be in your best vocal form!)

In rare instances, if you find that you have prolonged discomfort, pain or hoarseness of your voice (a situation that lasts for longer than two weeks or has no obvious cause), please be sure to see your doctor who may recommend that you see an otolaryngologist or ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor).

In fact, many events for World Voice Day include otolaryngologists and ENTs who aim is to raise awareness around vocal health issues.

To do my part, I would like to give you more information specifically about vocal nodes or nodules, which can only be diagnosed by a doctor. Whether you are a singer or not, everyone should know about vocal nodes because children can get them, too. If left undiagnosed, it can be irreversible and may lead to surgery.

READ ME – Children Can Get Vocal Nodes, too.


The second most important habit to develop for caring for and looking after your voice is using correct vocal techniques, which also means, never overdoing it. Master Voice Teacher, Tricia Grey, MM, says,

Like an athlete, a singer must train the muscles properly to begin with, or they can expect to confront vocal problems sooner or later. And good vocal production must be maintained by consistent vocal workouts with an “outside set of ears”- that is, a teacher who can listen to and rebalance the voice.

The bottom line is, if you are singing and speaking regularly, without correct technique you are at risk of developing vocal disorders. Find out more about laryngitis, vocal cord hemorrhage (what happened to Adele in 2011) and vocal nodes here:

Adele, Keith Urban, John Mayer Vocal Issues Caused By Incorrect Vocal Technique


Adele interview on 60-Mintues: What it felt like when her vocal cords hemorrhaged, from 2’04:





I do hope you have found the resources in this month’s powerful quote helpful, interesting and not too scary! The voice is so very precious and I hope you will join me in celebrating World Voice Day this Thursday, 16 April by keeping calm and loving your voice a little bit more than ever before!


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