"Nothing But Trouble"
by Laura Krier

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for considering buying my album!
(Did I tell you that it's already a collector's item?)

In order to get the album, you need to click on this link:

Get it here!

Get it here!

...and once you're on the CD-Baby page, you simply need to decide whether you want to download it directly to your computer - or - if you prefer to get the HARD COPY on a numbered CD.

Or maybe you'll want BOTH?
(I know I'm pushing my luck here...)

As soon as you get it, please drop me a line and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you!



Listen to brief previews...

Fill Me Up
Don't Mess With My Vibe
Bad Reputation
You Got Me
Love Somebody
What Took You So Long
Nothing But Trouble
While You Were Gone
I Need To Know
One In A Thousand
If I Follow My Heart
Special Delivery
True Love
To Be So Close To You
Nikki's Theme

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