Mar 1, 2011

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How Lucy Did A ‘Magic Moment’ On Me After Friday’s Speed Meet

magic moment laura krier At the end of Friday’s Speed Meet a lovely woman named Lucy approached me. She said “I want to do a swap. How about you give me a voice coaching session and I’ll give you an EFT?”

“EFT? What the heck is that?” I thought.

The funny thing is, I had met Lucy at a Speed Networking event in September of last year. We even talked at great length, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember at that precise moment what it actually was that she did or what EFT was….

She proceeded to tell me that it’s a “tapping” on special points, clearing the body of whatever phobia, fear or blockage you may have that is causing conflict in your life – like weight issues, addictions, etc… . I listened to Lucy as she spoke and all the while I was thinking, “What do I need this for?”

I couldn’t think of anything for myself but I asked if she had ever worked with children. I have a 3-year old daughter with a slight fear of water going over her head. It’s something I take special notice of because my mother has this same irrational fear and to this day, refuses a shower and gets quite hysterical about water going directly in her eyes or over her head!

At this point, Lucy said “Yes. I have worked with children.” Then she proceeded to tell me a fascinating story. It was the story of how she cleared an 8-year old boy’s tremendous anxiety towards his homework and exams. This boy was so emotional – crying and screaming and stressed out by his homework and exams at school – that his parents didn’t know what to do. Lucy was called. She worked with the boy on a Friday afternoon for one session and on the following Monday, all his anxiety towards school work had disappeared – almost as if it had never existed in the first place! The parents were over the moon.

Can you imagine what happened next in our conversation?

I was sold.

“Okay! Let’s do it!” I said.

Have you been thinking of your magic moments? Re-living them and remembering them? Have you taken the time since Friday to do so?

When you relive your magic moments, they bring out the best in you: You produce conviction and certainty. And as you saw at Friday’s meeting, certainty is the key to tapping into your full potential and creating the kind of action you need to get the results you want out of life which will continue in an upward spiral to produce more certainty, hence momentum.

Create upward momentum and “Bam!” your whole life changes for the better.

And it’s all about conditioning your mind.

But we all know you can’t build muscle in an hour, a day, or even a weekend and the same goes with building maximum certainty in your life. But …. It only takes a split second to begin.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact me on In the meantime, if you have any magic moments you’ve experienced since Friday’s meeting, please share them! I would love to hear your result!

Much love & hope to see you again soon!

Laura x

  1. Your talk during the last Costa Business Club meeting was magic!

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