Mar 1, 2011

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NBT Promotion

laura krier musicSpecial promotion – if you buy the Nothing But Trouble album…!

I’m not bribing you! No… 😉

But I thought it would be a really good idea to share some really excellent books with you – and what better way to do that than to bundle it all with a rather special album (if I do say so myself)!

So, check this out:

Pick the BUNDLE you’d like to receive, after you’ve purchased your copy of “Nothing But Trouble”!

Here’s what’s on offer:


Bundle 1 – $64 worth of eBooks!

All yours for FREE
…if you order Nothing But Trouble NOW!

Bundle 2 – $64 worth of eBooks!

All yours for FREE
…if you order Nothing But Trouble NOW!

Inside The Mind of Winners
By: Charles Burke

Normal Price: $29

Pages: 289

This is a real tour de force of an analysis into what makes some people succeed where others fail. A must read for anyone with even an ounce of ambition!


Psychological Triggers
By: Joe Sugarman

Normal Price: $25

Pages: 89

This is a classic as far as books on the psychology of selling are concerned. Joe Sugarman is an acknowledged master in this field and the book has so many fantastic insights that even if “selling” isn’t your thing – you won’t be able to top reading anyway!


Health and Wealth Magnetism
By: Khai

Normal Price: $10

Pages: 47

Discover how to attract health and wealth, using tried-and-true techniques which are guaranteed to give you a fuller, richer life in more ways than one. A delightful read!

36 Potent Foods
By: Maria Xeno

Normal Price: $5

Pages: 22

If you love discovering stuff and finding unexpected mysteries where you least expected to find them… this one’s for you!


Easy Meditation

Normal Price: $5

Pages: 22

Ever wondered how to meditate, but never found a simple-enough guide? Wonder no more. Here are some superb basic steps which will get you started right away!


5 Quick Time Management Techniques

Normal Price: $0

Pages: 10

In today’s busy world, managing time has become a massive priority. Here are some invaluable pointers!

Achieve Prosperous Living

Normal Price: $10

Pages: 45

An exellent overview of easily-accessible psychological triggers you need to be aware of, in order to achieve happiness and prosperity!

Wild Flowers Worth Knowing
By: Neltje Blanchan

Normal Price: $29

Pages: 213

This is a gem of a book. When you go on your next walk in the forest or in a field, nothing will ever look the same again!


Winning The Weight Battle

Normal Price: $10

Pages: 41

Chances are you too have questions about controlling your weight. This book provides excellent information and handy tips for winning the weight-loss battle!


10 Ways To Cut Down On Your Grocery Bill

Normal Price: $5

Pages: 16

A very timely ready, this one. In the current economic crisis, you’ll find the ideas discussed here invaluable!


So how do you get your hands on these wonderful books, I hear you ask…!


  1. Order your own copy of the Nothing But Trouble album. Click HERE to do that!
  2. Sign up to my mailing list (on the right side of this page)
  3. You will receive a confirmation email and a download link to the bundle of your choice!

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