Apr 20, 2014

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Power Quote for April 2014


The best part about singing and playing music is that we are allowed to express ourselves. But are you allowing it?

Don’t hide yourself! Many people get into the habit of holding back, believing that by hiding parts of themselves they are safer, more acceptable and thus, accepted by others. They may hold back who they really are in fear of getting rejected or to avoid being seen as weak.


  • Always feels bad
  • Motivates grasping
  • Seizes control
  • Insists on certainty
  • Needs everything

The ironic thing is that people want to know ALL, to love all.  Observe your own curiosity for your favorite artists. We want to know to know more about them, don’t we? To see their vulnerable side; their weird and random sides.


  • Always feels good
  • Motivates liberation
  • Relaxes control
  • Accepts uncertainty
  • Needs nothing

Simply take the risk.  Be your WHOLE you.  Don’t hide yourself back behind a wall.  Be Weird.  Be You!

Surprising (and sometimes WEIRD!) FACTS ABOUT BEYONCE

  1. beyonce solangeBeyonce had imaginary friends as a kid. Her mother says she used to push an empty swing at school, acting like there was somebody on it.
  2. Also as a child, Beyoncé would charge houseguests $5 a head to watch her perform.
  3. She was very protective of her little sister, Solange, growing up. Former classmates report getting threatened by Beyonce (to “leave Solange alone!”)
  4. She once won a school singing competition with John Lennon’s “Imagine”
  5. Beyonce’s father (and former manager) used to make her run a mile while singing to build her endurance.
  6. She used to be addicted to authentic chicken curry and would have it flown to the States from England when she had a craving. (Her personal trainer made her stop!)
  7. She obsessively studies footage of her performances on video. She also records and archives every interview she has ever done so that she will never be misquoted.
  8. Beyoncé’s ex-boyfriend, Lyndall Lockecheated on her multiple times.
  9. She once got stuck in an elevator with her 600-pound bodyguard, “Shortie.” He was fired after that incident.
  10. Bootylicious is now a word recognized by the “Oxford English Dictionary.”

Read more interesting facts here: http://www.kidzworld.com/article/28333-beyonce-fun-facts

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