Oct 6, 2013

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Power Quote for October 2013



Whenever you try to do something – like moving something very heavy – and it seems that it will never move, the sound we usually make with every last ounce of our effort is “oooomph!”

This month’s powerful quote is all about digging deep and giving that extra push. In other words – practice, practice, practice! Easy to say but always a bit of a pain to organize – and that’s where the “umph” comes in!

Let’s face it. School is a busy time and with the wonderful amount of activities to participate in, the best way to get your practice time in is to –

  1. Remind yourself regularly of your goal! Stay inspired!
  2. Make a realistic plan you can stick to no matter what else may crop up in the week. If you really want to improve, you can make the time!
  3. Just do it! Follow your plan as best you can. Adjust where you need and make it happen.

How much time should you practice, you may ask?

The answer is simple – as much as it takes! What is your goal? What is the most important thing you need to achieve right now? How much time can you carve out? The less time you have, the more targeted and mindful you need to be.

Doing a little bit every day can really add up! When you are busy, LOGGING your practice time in the form of repetitions will keep your practice time focused. This visual and physical reminder (tallies and ticks) of all that you’ve done in your lesson note books or in your piano books is very important. Little by little you are building your skills AND your confidence and self-esteem.

Practice as much as you can. Create the habit now because you will never regret becoming exceptionally good at what you do!

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