Sep 8, 2013

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Power Quote & News For Sept-2013


Enjoy this wonderful insight by John Wooden. Click on post title to see it and to read my message to you.


Dear Students & Parents,

Welcome to a brand new school year! I really hope your summer has been restful AND loads of fun!

It’s very exciting to prepare for your lessons and for my second year at SIS. After nearly a year of research, the summer afforded me the time to develop new and improved vocal coordination and vocal style exercises.

Without a doubt, these new techniques are the most effective, comprehensive, and practical vocal improvement exercises I have ever come across – bringing together a lot of what I have been teaching, but taking it to a whole new level. My goal is to make 100% certain that your voice functions properly and consistently, i.e., that you overcome vocal faults, that you have vocal conditioning and preservation, and most of all, that you develop your voice to its full potential.

Plus, I have been through all the materials for Rock School Exams in piano and vocal and I’m so excited for you! Another goal for me is that you have this extra opportunity to perform and to test your skills in a way that builds your confidence and adds to your achievements.

Compiled below is useful information as we start the new school year. This includes the new music room locations, upcoming performance dates, scheduling and availability, etc…

Lessons with me begin this week from Wednesday, 4th September.

As a returning student, please know that you have first priority with scheduling. As soon as you know your lesson time tables, please contact me by email with at least two preferences for your lesson time and day.

If there are any changes to your lesson that you wish to make this year (e.g, moving from a shared lesson to a solo lesson), please let me know as soon as possible.

Once again, welcome to the new school year and can’t wait to see you in your lessons! It’s been too long! Big hugs,

Miss Laura xx


  1. *New* Music Lesson Room Location: Boarding House – Upstairs, far right corridor
  1. Term One Performance Dates:
    1. SIS Back To School Party – Friday 27th Sept
    2. Fireworks Night – TBC
    3. Term One Music Concert – Monday 2nd December
    4. Christmas Concerts – TBC
  1. Lesson Delivery – 31 lesson weeks in total as per last year:
    1. 1st term – 15 school weeks (13 lesson weeks)
    2. 2nd term – 12 school weeks – (10 lesson weeks)
    3. 3rd term – 9 school weeks – (8 lesson weeks)
  1. Scheduling and Availability:
    1. Before school or during school time: Monday through Friday
    2. After school: Monday through Thursday
    3. Saturdays up to 13:30
    4. Privately: Please email for details.
  1. Daily School Break Times:
    1. *New* Whole school Break Time is now from 10.55 -11.15.
    2. Primary Lunch begins at 12:10 and finishes at 13:15.
    3. Secondary Lunch is from 13:20 – 14:10
  1. Music Examination Dates:
    1. ABRSM – December 2013 and May/June 2014
    2. *New* Rock School – June 2014


Voice Students: Did you learn a new song over the summer break? Let me know which song (and preferred backing track if possible) in advance of your first lesson so we can audition it straight away! If there are enough students with new songs ready, I will elect to put together an extra back to school party outside of SIS! Stay tuned!

Piano Students: Did you play piano over the summer break? Remember you can earn €5 Beethoven Bucks for every page in one of your piano books that you completed during the summer months! (Lesson and Theory books are best, but this can include performance pieces, too!) Prizes to be awarded in the very first lesson in September!

*New* Rock School Vocal & Piano Exams These exams are equivalent to the ABRSM in UCAS points, differing only in the genre of music tested. (ABRSM is classical/traditional and Rock School is popular.) Although Rock School exams occur at SIS in the third term, I will want to know which students will be entering the exams by the Friday, 25th October (Autumn Half-Term) so that I can plan and adjust your lesson syllabus accordingly.

ABRSM Exams: The first round of exams will happen in December. If you are interested, please know that I will coach Prep Test, Level One and Level Two. Level Three and above, I will refer you to Mrs. Sue McGill who has more expertise in this area.

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