"Nothing But Trouble"
by Laura Krier

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All labors of love have a story. This one's no different...

If it wasn't by pure chance, this album would never have seen the light of day. The story begins in Autumn of 2001. I get introduced to this hotshot songwriter/producer (Paul Sedkowski) who subsequently signed me to his Meer Music label. Our first track was Bad Reputation. The whole story was pretty much true, the way it was for me, growing up in Emery, SD, population 399. Then Paul wanted to experiment with different styles for me, so we went on write Don't Mess With My Vibe and Special Delivery. But just as things started taking shape, things started changing at Meer Music. The partners decided to take separate routes (albeit amicably for the most part) and Paul was left with the production company and a whole roster of acts.

For a while, it was all administration and distractions. Paul has asked me to join him as partner in the newly reformed company and we created Mere Music International together with a Hollywood TV director, Mary Jane Trokel. That's fine, but what about my music?

Well, we then wrote a few more tracks but daily challenges (like eating) kept nagging at us. So we created an artist development "school" and started writing TV scripts for a show which would - no doubt - become a huge hit. All about developing artists of course. In this manner we spent 2 or 3 years. Or was it 4...

By then we moved the studios to a different location, expanded, everything was looking very promising even if daily work continued distracting us from making MY music... And then a miracle! Paul's former partner, John Coletta (yep, the famed Deep Purple manager) finally came up trumps for us. Before we knew it we had a major publishing deal in Japan and a distribution deal in Germany based on our early demos - and the race was suddenly on to finish the album!

The timing was great, because we were really drained by our "school" and needed desperately to get back to our roots. In this period we've recorded dozens of new songs, many of them loosely based around my "life stories". We were still genre-hopping a lot, but "my sound" was finally beginning to emerge: a kind of a hybrid between rock and R&B. Things were definitely looking up. Until...

One day there was a terrible storm. The rain was so strong it was literally like someone was pouring a giant bucket from the sky. Our whole property was soaked and we were afraid we might get flooded. But at one point the rain seemed to have subsided. By then it was 3AM so we decided to get some rest. The next day, we got up around 10AM. When we looked out the window our hearts sank. No, that's not the right word. We FREAKED!

The whole property was flooded - and with it our studios, everything of any value we ever had, and even... our backups! It took us weeks to get ourselves back on our feet again. A dear friend (guitarist, Graham Keeling) helped us fix everything he could but the months - years - of recordings were... GONE.

And here we were with a deadline looming to have the album delivered. Paul went to work frantically, looking for any even partial backups or demo sessions, trying to re-construct whatever was possible. More than half the songs were lost forever and all of the recovered songs only had early demo arrangements and cue vocals on them... With the clock ticking, Paul's rebuilt as much as he could, salvaging even those songs which we weren't originally going to use on the final album. There was no time to get me to re-sing any of it. It had to go as it was. Just 2 days before the final mastering, we decided that perhaps we could do something new. Paul had this idea which became "Fill Me Up". It was written, played, sung and recorded - and mastered - in one afternoon. And in the end we decided we liked it so much that we opened the album with it thereby adding yet another style to this multi-style album...

And then, John - who got us the Japan/Germany deal... died, leaving us "orphaned" and broken-hearted. To this day, we miss John sorely. No doubt he's setting up a great big in the sky.

As for me - and my album... Well - it's a collector's item now!
Which is exactly why you really DO need to own it!

:) :) :) xxxxx Laura

Get it here!

Get it here!

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Fill Me Up
Don't Mess With My Vibe
Bad Reputation
You Got Me
Love Somebody
What Took You So Long
Nothing But Trouble
While You Were Gone
I Need To Know
One In A Thousand
If I Follow My Heart
Special Delivery
True Love
To Be So Close To You
Nikki's Theme

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